DisasterPrep911 is the online social presence and community run by 1st Response – Tactical Medicine.  1st Response is located in Milton, Florida and offers several emergency medical courses for First Responders and citizens.  1st Response also sells tactical medical equipment.

About the Owner:

Hi and thanks for visiting.  My name is John C. Haynes, Jr. and I am the owner and lead instructor at 1st Response.  I have been a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Responder since 2010 and a 911 Dispatcher since 2012, both for Santa Rosa County, FL.  I am currently a Shift Supervisor for the 911 center. It has been my honor and privilege to teach Emergency Medical Responder to many of the new Firefighters here in Santa Rosa County, as well as teaching CPR and CPR Pro to so many citizens.  I am a Communications Specialist II and Communications Training Officer here at 911 and also a Team Leader for the Mobile Command Post as well as a Team Leader for the county TERT (Telecommunications Emergency Response Taskforce).  I function as the ESF#4 (Firefighting) post and secondary Public Safety Branch Director during emergency and disaster activations in the EOC (Emergency Operations Center).  I have also taught Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings to Public Safety personnel as well as at CERT academies.  My personal interests that I also hope to provide some insight to for our citizens are camping, hiking, and survival/preparedness.  My goal, and 1st Response’s vision, is to see citizens of this country prepared to handle any emergency or disaster.

John C. Haynes, Jr.
John C. Haynes, Jr.