Happy Independence Day, U.S.A.!

As we move into this 4th of July weekend, I would like to share a few thoughts.  First, I would like to extend my sincere and humble gratitude for all those who have supported DisasterPrep911 and 1st Response Tactical over the years.  We are growing; slowly but surely.  We are committed to our goal of seeing all citizens of this great country prepared to meet any emergency or disaster.  We cannot provide all the resources an individual, family, or group may need, but we can help in some small way with what we are good at:  basic emergency medical care training and basic medical, tactical, and survival supplies.  We believe firmly in the concept of the Citizen Responder! Second, I would like to celebrate with my fellow Americans our country’s birthday.  I share in the jubilation of all our wonderful citizens in this great day.  This is a day of celebration, reminiscence, and joy.  We are a great country.  We have deep troubles that we have to deal with, but we can overcome them as long as we all join together in the spirit of loving our country and supporting those who work so hard to make it safe:  our military, our law enforcement officers, our firefighters, and our EMT’s and Paramedics.  And last but not least, I wish everyone to have a safe holiday.  Be courteous, be mindful, and be careful.  Remember, the cost of a taxi is no where near the cost of a DUI or an accident.  I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July!


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