Thank you for visiting DisasterPrep911, the social presence of 1st Response – Tactical Medicine.  Our goal is to help US citizens be prepared for any emergency or disaster.  As part of our goals, we offer the following courses:  Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, O2 Administration, CPR/AED for Adult, Child, and Infant, CPR for the Professional Rescuer (Basic Life Support), and Wilderness First Aid.

We also offer the following courses for First Responders:  Emergency Medical Responder (Formerly First Responder) and Highway Safety for Emergency Responders.  We offer the following course on a limited basis for First Responders through the Department of Homeland Security:  Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings.  This course is open to U.S. Citizens only per requirements of the DHS.

These courses are site based, classroom courses.  We are working on creating useful and relevant courses that can be taken online.  Keep checking us out for future courses.  Thanks for visiting and stay safe!

emr picimagesTX4DRE50


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